17 October 2012

South bound

Flying out tomorrow evening with my family--Mom, Dad, sisters--to my cousin Nathan's wedding in Savannah.  I hear it's a beautiful place, and I am looking forward to exploring the city and seeing my Aunt Karen and her boys.   We plan to do a trolley tour Friday morning and drive out to Tybee Island Saturday morning. 
Tomorrow is the first day of second quarter so the school year is already 1/4 through.  I have to say it can't go by fast enough.  I'm in a disenchanted period with teaching.  Just tired.  So this little weekend getaway will be a refreshing break.  I'll miss my boys--Ryan is tending the homefront and Macauley is going on his annual spooky campout with Ryan's parents and their friends--but it will be fun to be with the family I came from.  Our first plane trip together!  GA here we come...

07 October 2012

uncaged thoughts

Not sure what my deal is, but I haven't had many thoughts to put here on the blog in weeks now.  Or maybe I've just let them fly away...I had a quiet weekend to myself while my boys were both away on separate trips.  I didn't sleep well and got a little lonesome, but I did enjoy the time on my own.  I watched 6 movies, did a little antique shopping and scrapbooking, bought a carry-on for my trip to Savannah in 2 weeks, overfed Booker T. and snuggled with my old kitty Alice.  The boys are back and now we prep for another week of work and school... 


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