31 October 2011

A happy Halloween

We couldn't have had a more beautiful night in Missouri to be out and about trick-or-treating. Ryan stayed behind and manned the candy bowl while Macauley and I headed out with friends to canvas our neighborhood and one over.

Macauley's ostrich rider costume was the hit of the night. A little battery-operated fan inside inflates the bird and the effect is quite comical. He'd grab the reins and run around like the ostrich was out of control. Even him dashing from house to house on those pink legs made me laugh.

It's been a long, happy, sugar-filled day...

28 October 2011

Into the Halloween spirit{s}

Macauley still hasn't chosen a costume, but we've got a Halloween-themed dining room. Several of my finds came from True Treasures in Centerton, Arkansas, and the tags throughout were gifted from Mary of Vintage Patina as part of a Halloween swap we did last year. The sparkly kitty is from HomeGoods and the sparkly pumpkins from the dollar bins at Target. Boo!

24 October 2011

One small step...

We were treated to the 3rd grade musical "Spaced Out" last week. Macauley turned down any speaking or starring roles and was content to sing back up on the numbers this time around. It was a cute little show about the planets and the galaxy, with a closing message about dreaming big and taking "one small step" that turns into something huge, a la Neil Armstrong. Made me think about my guy and all the places he will zoom off to someday. The high-pitched singing throughout gave me pause, but I still got a little teary towards the end with all the inspirational quotes about dreaming from life's little works in progress on the stage.

Per tradition, we headed out to eat afterwards at a place of our star's choosing. He picked Panda Inn for his favorite chicken lo mein.

Oh, the places our little boy will go...but I want him in my daily orbit for as long as I can keep him here...

"It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn't feel like a giant. I felt very, very small." ~ Neil Armstrong

On that same note, this story in the news has me feeling small, too...what will become of it all?

23 October 2011

Birds of a feather

What a nice weekend. I've been coasting on low-mo (low motivation) for a few weeks now--hence the lack of blogging among other things--but with my boys gone on separate camping trips this weekend, I had some time to myself and got reconnected. I have 2 old friends that I rarely get to see but will always feel close to: dark-haired Alicia (who recently moved from Colorado to outside Chicago and looks wonderful after just having baby #4 a couple of months ago) and my "twin" Keely (who lives a couple of hours up the interstate and is in the second year of raising Gabe, her beautiful boy from Ethiopia). I met these girls in graduate school over 10 years ago. We lingered over dinner at Metropolitan Grill, exchanged early and belated birthday gifts, laughed and shared and commiserated and caught up. I must see them again soon. It did me good to be with friends I don't have to explain myself to.

I set out with another kindred spirit, my sweet Barb, for some antiquing and lunch today. We browsed Leola's and Barb bought a great old box to store some family heirlooms she recently acquired: her mom and dad's letters to one another during the War and her great-great-grandfather's journals dating back to the 1860s. I had a headache and didn't buy much but saw lots of lovely things.

Barb treated me to lunch at Spring Creek...it had been such a long time since I had that delicious salad and poppyseed dressing. We both had the veggie sandwich and it was yummy, too.

I spent this evening at home with Booker and the kitties doing several things I'd been putting off for weeks: gathering and pricing items for my poor, neglected little flea market booth, decorating my dining room for Halloween and the bunco night I'm hosting Monday, putting the finishing touches on my fall porch decor, and picking up and editing the downstairs. Perhaps I've got my mojo back...


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