23 February 2012

Nature calls

Some springish images from a recent stop at The Nest...I snapped many other beautiful things at the neighboring Branches and The Thicket that would only load sideways (ugh!) so I'll save those for another post.  Everyone keeps talking about what a strange and mild winter we've had (no snow days!) and how "spring is just around the corner."  We were at almost 70 degrees here today.  I took Booker for a walk this evening, though, and the air was much crisper.  He dug around under some thick trees and scrub one street over and scrounged up some kind of small bone.  Kind of fresh looking if that makes any sense.  Reddish.  He wanted to gnaw it to bits right then and there but I was anxious to get back to our trashcan (seeing as I only brought one plastic baggie to pick up after him and he'd made an unusual second stop in the middle of some stranger's yard, leaving me to double-scoop with the same flimsy, already at capacity bag and someone's neon-green "Moving Garage Sale" poster that had blown down and fortuitously near the scene of the steamy crime).  Not that he's been listening to me lately, but I urged anyway, "No, Booker.  You can take it HOME if you want to, but not here."  It's like that dog completely understood what I said.  He grabbed it right up with his teeth and took off for the house at a little trot.  Carried it all the way home in his mouth then plopped in the front yard and chewed and chomped away, appearing to eat it all.  Hope that's okay.  I'm looking forward to a slow weekend with no pressing plans and more walks.  I'll take an extra baggie or two next time.

11 February 2012

Also sweet

The sun is shining but it's much colder today than it has been.  We're nestled in at home, puttering around a lazy Saturday.  A boy in his pjs with his dawg...sweet.


 I got an adorable surprise package in the mail today from Ryan's sweet and vibrant grandfather Earl that included an address label and note typed on Earl's typewriter and a bubble-wrapped oversized safety pin like one I have in a printer's drawer on the wall of my creative space.  I find the Sinatra stamps (Earl's favorite), the greeting, the use of quotation marks around key phrases, and the Uncle Earl at the end (he's really my grandfather-in-law?) especially endearing.  How sweet of him to think of me.  I believe he is 90 or nearly there.  He drives a Prius, has a girlfriend and a full  head of hair.  I have a feeling my Ryan has inherited his grandfather's vitality and will be just as handsome and well-dressed when he is that age.

In the middle of teaching my class on Wednesday, I answered a knock at the door to find the school secretary holding this lovely vase of flowers (why the sideways photos, Blogger, why???) delivered just for me.  A sweet surprise from Ryan.  For no good reason other than to make me happy.  The card read "I truly love you."  Am I lucky girl or what?

02 February 2012

Fairground finds

These are some of my finds from the ginormous Springfield Garage Sale at the fairgrounds last weekend.  My mom and I canvassed the entire sale and walked away with some treasures.  I've been having trouble with Blogger tilting my pictures sideways...can't figure it out and haven't been posting because of it.  Hmmm... The drawer is from the booth of a dealer out of Lebanon that I always like to shop.  The little animals aren't marked and weren't as expensive as some of the Steiffs in the same booth, but I like their tattered look and sweet expressions.  I also got a couple of pieces of silverware, a bucket, some blue Mason jars for my friend Shannon's summer wedding, a pair of chick S & P shakers I paid too much for and a small divided ironstone-ish dish.  Oh, and two pairs of knock-off sunglasses, which I must say fit me just right.  The chunky finials are from Relics where we stopped later in the day.  We had a really great time and I'm so glad my parents got to come up and spend the weekend with us.  This weekend we are looking forward to attending Drury Homecoming with some of our oldest and dearest friends.  It was 64 degrees today, I think...it sure doesn't feel like February and everyone is talking about what a weird winter we are having.  This weekend will be a bit cooler but it doesn't seem like we're going to get any snow days this year.  We could be out of school by 23 May if we don't, but there's just something about the unexpected, stay-at-home-and-be-cozy break a snow day provides.  I wouldn't mind a couple.  Preferably in a row.  Preceding or following a weekend. 


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