22 January 2013

Cute invites

I made these cute invitations for my sister's upcoming wedding shower at Shutterfly...I'm doing a Valentine's theme with lots of pink and red and hearts...

01 January 2013

Flying forward

We've been going, going, going, so it's hard to thinking of resolutions and moving forward today when all I want to do is snuggle in and savor my only slow day at home before returning to school tomorrow (tomorrow!  can you believe it?  just cruel!).  I have been so remiss about blogging, and I thought I had filled my storage capacity with Blogger--guess not.  So I must be better about jotting down the daily happenings around here.  I've missed posting so much:  my Savannah trip, Macauley's birthday, holiday decorations, our master bedroom remodel, my parents' move back to Cassville, Christmas morning, gifts, our trip to San Francisco...perhaps I'll do some backtracking.   For now, though, in the spirit of today's holiday, I'll look ahead to the spring, to Lindsay's wedding in Mexico in March, Lane's wedding in KC in May, and all the preparations and celebrations that will come along with both.  Also a new semester at school, all the senior events I'm in charge of towards the end of the year, a new class I've never taught before, Macauley's final days of elementary school.  And then summer--glorious, lazy summer--and Macauley's second year of swim team, quiet days at home, and maybe a family trip somewhere.  2013 will be a good one...and I'm certain it will fly by.  Now if only it would snow today or tonight and keep us from school the rest of this week...I need more time in my nest.


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