22 December 2011

Silent night

So relieved to be on "winter" break from school finally...I've been in my sweats (see my reflection in the ornament for proof) and on the couch since 3:47 p.m., soaking in the peace that comes with a clean, sparkly house, all gifts wrapped and ready, talk of flurries on the late news, and time to just be still and warm...

sleet against the windowpane,

or maybe a mouse in the wall...

I listen...

but silence knows no direction


heavy pine boughs,

deep in the woods

so quiet, so still

a deer steps

inside, warm,

the sound of a cat's paw

disturbs very little

as it hunts in a dream

silent as sleet

"Silent Solstice (Winter Becomes Maine)" by Denis Dunn

11 December 2011

Gifts to gold

Some shots of the dining room...just a few, as I still have some work to do in here and presents to put under the tree. Simple, gold, sparkly, with some woodsy touches.

Our shopping is 3/4 done, with all of the big stuff being accomplished this weekend. I wrapped gifts for several hours last night. Wish I'd bought more of the woodgrain ribbon @ Joann's. As I cut and taped and tied and embellished (and thought of the school week ahead), I wondered if there would be a market for a gift wrapping service...I thought through possible pricing options, bring-your-own-paper or not, keeping track of what's in them all, possible mix-up disaster scenarios and so on...I think I would enjoy wrapping gifts full-time (in my home, in my sweats, with good reruns playing on the TV, like last night). Hmmm...would anyone pay for that?

06 December 2011

Birthday snaps

Despite almost constant rain, we had a good time celebrating Macauley's birthday in Branson this past weekend, beginning with lunch and gifts with the grandparents at Cantina Laredo on the Landing.

Next stop was Build-a-Bear...kind of a birthday tradition. Macauley made Erik the penguin from Happy Feet 2, complete with a leather bomber jacket, t-shirt, flappy hat and iPad.

The rain kept us from going out to Silver Dollar City that evening, but Macauley set a record for most trips down the slide at the hotel pool.

Also, upon turning 9, he has developed an affinity for coffee. Decaf with lots of cream and sugar. He had a decaf espresso on Sunday and now thinks he needs a small coffee maker for Christmas. Funny kid.

02 December 2011


My handsome, hilarious, tender-hearted boy turns 9 tomorrow. 9 is his favorite number, so it's going to be a great year...We are taking a trip to Branson to stay at a hotel with a big indoor pool. My parents are going to meet us there and if the weather is decent we will go out to Silver Dollar City for the Christmas lights in the evening. Ryan's parents will also meet us for lunch at Cantina Laredo on the Landing. We will shop and spoil our boy and celebrate all that he is and all that he means to us.

These pictures were taken on Thanksgiving out at Uncle Rob and Aunt Lauren's place in Bolivar.

It's been a wild, wonderful ride so far, my sweet boy!
I've missed the mark by Florida time, but it's still 2 December here in Missouri, so happy birthday to my Aunt Karen! Wish we could celebrate with you tomorrow, too! Love you!

20 November 2011

{now} playing...

We've had a fun weekend...starting with our visit to the brand new IMAX at Springfield 11 to see Happy Feet 2. Critics panned the film and Ryan didn't go for all the musical numbers, but Macauley and I enjoyed the little singing penguins and we all agreed the picture and sound quality of the IMAX (oh, and the ginormous goggles--Mac even upgraded to them eventually) make even the best 3D pale in comparison. We will be back...

Ryan was also sweet enough to take me to see the new Twilight movie Saturday night. We had a yummy dinner at Metro with the Rhoads then hit the late showing. I don't want to see it again, but I think I liked it and look forward to Part 2...

Last Sunday we took our passes and little Megan to SDC for the afternoon. It was such a pretty day and the park wasn't busy at all...an interesting mix of seasons with the Christmas decor surrounded by crunchy brown leaves. We had a mediocre and superexpensive buffet meal at The Mill, rode a few rides and called it a day. We plan to go back in a couple of weeks to see the park lit up with 4 million lights.

Tonight I posted final grades for the online class I've been teaching the last 10 weeks and I feel 1000 lbs. lighter without that hanging over my head. I also made it over to my little booth this afternoon to add a few things and straighten up. We've got just 2 days of school this week and then a Thanksgiving break with no big plans to venture too far from home. I'll be nesting and resting and maybe doing a little shopping if I get brave...


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