11 December 2011

Gifts to gold

Some shots of the dining room...just a few, as I still have some work to do in here and presents to put under the tree. Simple, gold, sparkly, with some woodsy touches.

Our shopping is 3/4 done, with all of the big stuff being accomplished this weekend. I wrapped gifts for several hours last night. Wish I'd bought more of the woodgrain ribbon @ Joann's. As I cut and taped and tied and embellished (and thought of the school week ahead), I wondered if there would be a market for a gift wrapping service...I thought through possible pricing options, bring-your-own-paper or not, keeping track of what's in them all, possible mix-up disaster scenarios and so on...I think I would enjoy wrapping gifts full-time (in my home, in my sweats, with good reruns playing on the TV, like last night). Hmmm...would anyone pay for that?


Christy said...

Your tree is beautiful, so natural , and you could definitely make money wrapping gifts! Gorgeous! Jean Stewart from KHS brings wrapped boxes to our store to sell and they are beautiful too!

Boxwood Cottage said...

I'm sure there is a market for beautiful gift wrapping Haley! I for sure love beautifully wrappend gifts because it is a gift in itself.
And I love your natural Christmas decor too!
Sending you warmest wishes from Germany
Carola x

Kellie Collis said...

Fabulous tree! Love your decors! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx


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