14 October 2013


I couldn't quite convince Macauley to commit to the banana he tried on at Target last week for his Halloween costume this year...We've been so busy that figuring out what to go as hasn't been on the radar, but Macauley did mention to me the other day that this might be the last year he dresses up for Halloween...Boo(hoo).

Jenn, Casey, Tonya, Andrea, Tina, Misty, Kara, Heather, Me

What's bananas is that I've known several of the girls in this photo for almost 30 years, all of them for at least 20...I met up with some of my friends from Cassville for a long overdue girls night at the Branson Landing last weekend.  We got a big suite at the Hilton, had dinner and stayed up way, way too late catching up on years and years of happenings--some of us hadn't seen one another since graduation in 1994 or since our ten year reunion.  We were missing a couple of key components of the old gang, but there's just something about the comfort of knowing you don't have to impress or prove anything to these old friends. 
It feels like we have had plans or obligations more nights than not, both weekends and school nights.  The above photo is one of 30+ we collected over the last week (and had developed today) for Macauley's extra credit math project entitled "Shapes in the Real World."  We counted the wet floor sign as a pyramid, though it may only pass for a triangle.  The poster is glued, labeled and packed in a trash bag for transport to school tomorrow (in case it rains as forecasted).  He has struggled with fifth grade math thus far, and we could sure use all the points we can get.

On Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings, we drive to Drury for Mac to practice swimming.  He's been on burnout lately, and Ryan and I have been fretting that we've made him despise the one physical activity he's always loved.  But once he's in the pool, he swims hard and seems happy and I think it's good for him.  Plus we get to see our sweet little friend Ella.  Adorable.
As of tomorrow, the school year is officially 1/4 completed.  I've been on a bit of burnout myself where school is concerned, but just like with Mac's swimming, I keep showing up.  And once I'm there each day I swim hard and seem happy.  We've got a workday with no students on Wednesday, and then it's a downhill slope to the weekend.  I'll be seeing Keith Urban and Little Big Town in concert on Sunday with Amy.  For now, though, I should be in bed.  6 am will be here in a blink. 

08 October 2013

goodbye, funny pug

Our hearts are breaking tonight for my sister Lindsay who had to say goodbye to her sweet Meena today.  After 13 good years, her little pug body was giving out.  We feel like we've lost a member of our family and we are so sad for my sister.  But, as you have to do in times like these, we are trying to hold on to the memories and the thought that Meena had the very best life a dog could have.  She was such a funny little pug and spent a lot of time at our house over the years.  We will miss her very much.  We love you, Linds...Hang in there.

Meena Tate
9 February 2000-8 October 2013
aka our...
Meenie Beens
Meenie Beenie Been Dip
Meena Pug


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