08 October 2013

goodbye, funny pug

Our hearts are breaking tonight for my sister Lindsay who had to say goodbye to her sweet Meena today.  After 13 good years, her little pug body was giving out.  We feel like we've lost a member of our family and we are so sad for my sister.  But, as you have to do in times like these, we are trying to hold on to the memories and the thought that Meena had the very best life a dog could have.  She was such a funny little pug and spent a lot of time at our house over the years.  We will miss her very much.  We love you, Linds...Hang in there.

Meena Tate
9 February 2000-8 October 2013
aka our...
Meenie Beens
Meenie Beenie Been Dip
Meena Pug


summersundays-jw said...

So sorry.....it's so hard letting them go. Jan

trash talk said...

I wish I could send you cake and a casserole, but instead, I'll send you my prayers. My heart with y'alls.


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