11 February 2012


 I got an adorable surprise package in the mail today from Ryan's sweet and vibrant grandfather Earl that included an address label and note typed on Earl's typewriter and a bubble-wrapped oversized safety pin like one I have in a printer's drawer on the wall of my creative space.  I find the Sinatra stamps (Earl's favorite), the greeting, the use of quotation marks around key phrases, and the Uncle Earl at the end (he's really my grandfather-in-law?) especially endearing.  How sweet of him to think of me.  I believe he is 90 or nearly there.  He drives a Prius, has a girlfriend and a full  head of hair.  I have a feeling my Ryan has inherited his grandfather's vitality and will be just as handsome and well-dressed when he is that age.

In the middle of teaching my class on Wednesday, I answered a knock at the door to find the school secretary holding this lovely vase of flowers (why the sideways photos, Blogger, why???) delivered just for me.  A sweet surprise from Ryan.  For no good reason other than to make me happy.  The card read "I truly love you."  Am I lucky girl or what?

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