31 October 2011

A happy Halloween

We couldn't have had a more beautiful night in Missouri to be out and about trick-or-treating. Ryan stayed behind and manned the candy bowl while Macauley and I headed out with friends to canvas our neighborhood and one over.

Macauley's ostrich rider costume was the hit of the night. A little battery-operated fan inside inflates the bird and the effect is quite comical. He'd grab the reins and run around like the ostrich was out of control. Even him dashing from house to house on those pink legs made me laugh.

It's been a long, happy, sugar-filled day...


Boxwood Cottage said...

Sending belated Happy Halloween wishes from Germany to you and the kids!

summersundays-jw said...

What a great costume! Every time I see your front door I want to paint mine. By the way, we love Abbie. She sometimes helps us with our computer problems. Such a smart girl! Jan


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