07 April 2013

This is how we DU it

How exciting!  My alma mater, the charming and progressive Drury University (1,600 students), won the NCAA Division II National Championship today!  The first in our schools' history!  We gathered with our local college pals and their families at the Swans' house to cheer them on (and eat for hours).  The first half was grim, but the Panthers came alive in the second and pulled off a 74-73 win in the last few seconds of the game against Metro State from Denver, Colorado, a school of 24,000 students.  You should have seen all of us old people jumping up and down in that living room.  I was so happy to see one of my favorite former students, #33 Alex Hall, win the game for his team and be awarded MVP.  He will graduate from DU in a few weeks.  Hooray!  Go Panthers!


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