05 April 2010


The boys and I headed to Arkansas on Saturday to celebrate Easter weekend with my parents. My dad had to coach at a softball tournament all day Saturday, but we took my mom to lunch and then she played with Macauley at the house (sidewalk chalk, an indoor egg hunt and more) while Ryan and I did some shopping.

Sunday we dressed up for church, and I usually like to take lots of pictures on Easter, but a certain little someone just wasn't cooperating for most of them.

Nana and Papa were so good to Macauley, though. They had hidden these plastic eggs all over the house for Macauley to find, with money and Ring Pops and other surprises inside. Papa even slept out in the camper with Macauley Saturday night. A little before bedtime, while my dad was trying to finish watching a basketball game and visit with us, Macauley kept saying, "Well, Papa? Do you think we ought to get our stuff together and head out to the camper?" My dad would tell him it would be just a little bit, and Macauley would ask again in a minute or so. That boy loves to camp.

Macauley and I colored eggs (he said he doesn't like to say "dyed" eggs because he doesn't like to think about things dying) on Friday night with the help of Megan, who slept over. Ryan and I hid them for him around the yard on Sunday, and I was surprised that he only asked us to do it once and he didn't offer to hide them for us to find. That's usually his favorite part, but maybe he's outgrowing that. He didn't seem to have outgrown the Easter Bunny, though, and he was very excited to find that the bunny had left him all sorts of candy and surprises. Overall, an egg-cellent weekend...

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Karee said...

You all looked so nice! It looks like you dad recovered from his softball injury!


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