18 March 2012


Photos from the Spring Creek tearoom a couple of weekends back...

Macauley and I were doing the happy dance Friday afternoon at 3:35 when we were officially on Spring Break!  We've spent the weekend lounging and had dinner at Kai with Rob and Lauren last night.  I've had the strangest headache for about six days now, like a knot or crick in my neck but higher, up behind my left ear, and I've finally come to think it's connected to one of my wisdom teeth coming in.  If that's possible.  Why this week, Tooth?  Today we are doing laundry and packing for a trip to Las Vegas!  We are taking Macauley (the city isn't nearly as seedy as you might expect) and staying at the Mirage.  We are also taking a day trip to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Joshua Tree Forest.  This is my seventh trip and Ryan's fourth, I think, so we've already got restaurants and places we want to be sure to visit.  Looking forward to lots of shopping, walking, eating and taking in the sights...so glad to have a break from school.  Fourth quarter begins the Monday we return, so we're on the downhill slope to summer.  Can you believe it?  (Insert more happy dancing...)


Debra @ Common Ground said...

we were down there 2 weeks ago and I just love the new black walls. Crystal is the design chick doing the talented fun stuff. Great to see this post, love your photos!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Such beautiful photos Haley, thanks for sharing! I wish you good luck for a safe and fun trip without any headaches!


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