23 July 2013

summer's edge

We went on a family road trip to Chicago last week, just the three of us.  I took lots of pictures, but this one of us inside a plexiglass box 104 stories up at the top of the former Sears Tower might be the most dramatic.  It's also the one I look skinniest in.  Bonus.  No sooner had we pulled into the driveway from our 8+hour drive home when my dad called and asked if Macauley would want to go on a trip to Minnesota with them this week.  He said yes, so I've got a quiet week at home now, which is lovely.  I plan to make a photo book of our trip on Shutterfly, hopefully before school starts again.  Which is coming up.  Teachers go back for meetings on Friday, 9 August and the kids start on the following Wednesday.  It would be nice if I could muster up the motivation to do some painting and cleaning work in my classroom before then, but I also have a list of things I'd like to get done before these luxurious summer days have come and gone.  1:  Read at least 4 more books.  2:  Clean out Macauley's closet.  3:  Rework Macauley's room with a more pre-teen feel.  4:  Make Chicago photobook.  5:  Make a mini scrapbook out of all of Lindsay's wedding cards for her.  5:  Add to my flea market booth.  There are others, but that's a good start.  It's been quite a summer--some great trips, a boy who's growing up, the loss of my Nanny...I'm not dreading the start of school, but I will miss these open days so much.

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Christy said...

I would freak out in that plexiglass box! Whew makes my knees weak, we have Peachtree Plaza here that has a glass elevator and I have to stand in the back ; ). I miss visiting your little booth, we don't have great flea markets here.


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