29 May 2009

Just a-buzzin'

Oh, I miss blogging and hope to catch up on some this weekend. I have been a little worker bee these last few weeks. School is winding down but I've had a lot of work to finish up, including publishing our school's literary magazine, which is actually a book of about 100 pages with notable student and teacher writing, photography and artwork. I also planned the entire prom this year, and it was a huge success that I was really proud of. We get out at 1:00 on Wednesday, 3 June, and Macauley and I are super ready for summer vacation.

We also hosted our annual Memorial Day Pre-Float Trip party at our new house last weekend, and that was a great push to get a lot of things done around the house. We had lots of friends from in and out of town come to visit and stay Friday night, and then we all went to float the Niangua River on Saturday. The water was really up from all the rain we had and the float went by pretty fast. We camped that night and I was exhausted for the rest of the weekend. Before the party, I did a lot of decorating, finished the powder room and did some landscaping. I'll post some pictures this weekend, now that I located my camera, which had been missing for several days.

Yesterday was Ryan's 34th birthday, and I got him tickets to the Korn concert here in Springfield tonight to show him that he's still young enough to rock out. I told him he could take a friend, but he said he wanted to take his "girl" so I guess I will rock out, too. Should be a noteworthy experience, and I have no idea what to wear.

I am also hoping to work on my flea market booth a little tomorrow. Macauley is spending the weekend with my parents. They start work at the camp they run next week, so this is one of the last free weekends they'll have before working all summer. They were going to take Macauley "camping" in their pop-up under the pavilion down at the camp, which he will love.

I'm off to buzz through more packing at school (I'm changing classrooms for the 4th time in 5 years) and hoping to get out of here early this afternoon. It's been quite a month.

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twin2trip said...

Sounds like you can almost see the light @ the end of the tunnel. Schools almost out and hopefully you can relax and find time for those things you enjoy.



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