06 May 2009

Treasure Tray

I've had such a hectic week at school (I'm in charge of this year's Prom, which is Friday, and still have to be a teacher--and mom and wife and housekeeper and laundrymaid--every day), but I got a spurt of inspiration and energy this evening to put together some of my recent finds on the tray I got at The Seedbox Open House.

Macauley and I did some grocery shopping after school and I got a bundle of off-white carnations to put in a little ironstone pitcher I got a couple of months ago. I got the keys (all for $1) and tray when I was with Barb, I think, and I just found the picture of the kids on the mule when I worked on my booth last weekend. A lady there told me she remembers people coming around when she was a kid and offering to take kids' pictures on ponies for a little money, but she didn't remember a mule ever being an option. I think it's cute.

The coils are from The Seedbox. I don't know what they are, but I just love them and so did several other people at the sale who were sad that I bought them before they did.

Meloney had bought a whole bunch of these metal cattle tags and had several of them strung on shabby ribbon or wrapped around books. I'm glad I got one.

Another find from this weekend is this old picture of a hotel. You can click on it and have a closer look at the people gathered on the steps. I wonder what the story is...

And I've still been on my linens kick, picking up these here lately. They're hard to resist when they're so pretty and only cost a couple of dollars. I have tons of items on my to-do list for the house in the next couple of weeks. We are having a get-together on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend with lots of our college friends coming into town from all over. I want the house to look perfect, but I know I won't be able to pull that off by then. I'll do what I can.


Cherry's Jubilee said...

I just found you while out hopping from one blog to another...love your style...I can see you have a love for the old like I do! cherry

Jen r. said...

Your displays look great! I love that metal tag! Jen

Aunt Karen said...

Hey - I guess you've been very busy this last month of school. I've missed your blog updates. I keep checking though! Love you!


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