05 December 2010

{Pool} Party Time

Macauley turned 8 (!) on Friday, and we celebrated BIG time at Chesterfield Family Center with a pool party and then pizza and cake in one of their activity rooms. This is the first year I can really remember Macauley being into his birthday so much, totally into the planning of the party and what was going to happen and, clearly, into choosing the theme: Over-the-Top SpongeBob.

Thank goodness for Megan's mom, Melissa, who took all these pictures for me. Not only is my camera MIA after Macauley borrowed it to take pictures of a bunch of stuff last weekend, but also because I was too busy.

The kids swam for about an hour while some of the parents and Ryan supervised below and the rest of us adults watched from the activity room above.

Things got wild when the party moved upstairs...the pizza went fast and my calm went faster--lots of excited, hungry kids.

We went with these delicious "cakepops" this year, made by a girl I play bunco with (yes--I have recently joined a neighborhood bunco group that meets one Monday a month). I managed to salvage only a few for us to bring home--they are so good. So good.

Things hit maximum rowdiness when Macauley opened his gifts. What a lucky boy to have so many, but he got pretty stressed out when the crowd kept mobbing him for a closer look and to get their hands on everything no matter how many times I asked them to stay in their seats.

Overall I think it was a success despite wearing us all out, but I did learn some key lessons for the future from this party:
  1. Don't invite the whole class next year. They might all show up! Last year, only 4 of the 22 kids in class did but this year almost all of them did, and combined with the kids from our neighborhood we invited, I had a room full. Plus some of the kids seemed to be there for the party rather than for Macauley, which maybe is okay. Or maybe not.
  2. Don' t put the take home favor cups I arranged so neatly out at the place settings. They were all dumped and rooted through and then who knows what actually ended up going home with the kids.
  3. Order more pizza and/or bring side items as reinforcement. Most second grade boys plow through much more food than mine does.
  4. Open the gifts at home later and send really nice thank you notes to avoid the chaos...or invite less people to hold back.
  5. Don't leave a handful of balloons to float around the room as decor unless I want 3-4 larger boys who can reach the strings to pull them down and chase each other around the room, ask if they can have them and wrap the strings around each other's necks.
  6. And finally, an affirmation of what I was already quite aware of: I am so glad I teach high school and not elementary.
I really wanted to give my sweet boy a great party. 8 just seems so big...


Jeanneoli said...

What an incredible party!!! It is obvious how much he loved it. The cake pops sounds yummy!!!

Karee said...

I am sure that while you were running around trying to make sure everything was perfect, he was having the time of his life. It looks like lots of fun!

MickeyMFan said...

Oh my goodness...I can't believe Macauley is 8 (8!!!) years old. Wow. I remember this sweet little, little boy coming into the classroom and writing on the board as I'm trying to teach Julius Caesar. Yea, that went over well. :) The girls were just goo-ing over how cute he was. Too funny! Sounds like the party was a success. Congrats on having such a big boy! :)


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