12 December 2010

Seasonal sparkle, shopping, snow

This little silver tree ($8 @ Walmart) sparkles in my office/craft room, which is currently Gift Wrap Central. Ryan and I had several hours to ourselves yesterday and we were able to finish up almost all of our Christmas shopping, so I'll spend much of today packaging all we found. Black and white may not seem all that Christmasy, but I'm in love with the polka dot paper and ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby. We've got a thin dusting of snow on the ground this morning, which leaves me itching for a snow day or two from school. Highly improbable. The wind is piercing out there today but we'll probably venture out for lunch and maybe Santa pictures and a few other gifts before the 49ers play at 3.

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Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Hayley, the b/w is just wonderful, so you, girl! Love those big check drapes, how cool are those. Having the snow today, DOES make it seem so much more Christmasy. Have a wonderful week, have you checked out my new kitchen? I'm going back to look for yours, I remember it's gorgeous. AND has cats on the counter!


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