18 September 2011

Drizzly, drowsy Saturday

I've never seen this happen before. Our grouchy old Alice curling up with her much younger brother on her own accord. But it's been a cuddly, loungy type of day around here with almost constant rain. I think we're all glad to see it, to feel the heat break and the skies dull over. How nice not to squint and swelter. After picking Bub up from a sleepover this morning, I spent much of the day in my bed reading and dozing, with the sliders open in my room so I could hear and smell the raindrops on the trees. I've been trying to eat better but I caved and suggested the Villa for dinner. It had been a long time and we all agreed it was so deliciously good/bad to be back. Ryan's come down with something and we thought the ultrahot sauce might clear his sinuses. We browsed the new mega Academy Sports afterwards. We went to look at camping gear but left with a kickstand for Macauley's bike (he wants lights for Christmas) and a new pair of Crocs that he picked out on his own. Even though we have plans to visit Ryan's granddaddy Earl at the farm where he volunteers, I hope it rains again tomorrow, that the day passes as leisurely as this one before it's back to work on Monday. Last week was a hectic one for me (Open House and lots of preps at school, 3 doctor appointments including successful but surprisingly painful VNUS closure on my left leg, supporting Ryan through some major stress at work, organizing and picking up around the house that just had to be done) and I needed this kind of weekend to recoup.

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