07 September 2011

ten days in

My blogging always goes by the wayside when school zaps me of time and energy, but so far we seem to be off to a good start on the year. Macauley answers, "Awesome!" every day when I pick him up from third grade and ask how his day went, even if we're both still having trouble getting up in the morning. Ryan and I were up until after midnight last night trying to coerce a opossum out of our garage (turns out they are hard to budge--he finally left on his own accord early this morning after being holed up under a cabinet in there for a number of days, looking young and scared more than the nasty and aggressive you might imagine), which left me a bit groggy cruising into school at 7:30 in the A.M. But my seniors are nice and the days go by quickly, so I don't guess I'll retire. This month.

The lazy days of summer have come and gone and we've been busy since. I've done some great antiquing I need to blog about, we took a fun Labor Day weekend trip to KC and I have some wonderful pictures of the Renaissance Fair we ended up at on Sunday. I've also got my summer reading to review and several other things I hope to get into print before I forget them all. Only two days til the weekend...maybe I'll get some thoughts down then. So we're 10 days in...just 160ish more days to go!

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