02 June 2013

farewell, elementary

We've been enjoying summer vacay for a while now--school got out on May 16th--but I don't know if it's set in quite yet that our little boy won't be at Wanda Gray Elementary, the sweet school just a skip and a jump from our house, next year.  He'll be moving on to Wilson's Creek Intermediate School for 5th and 6th grade, and that's a little bittersweet.  I'm relieved he will have a more insulated transition to middle school...but wow, the years have zoomed by.  I was able to slip away from school myself to attend the 4th Grade Awards Assembly the day before school got out.  Macauley won Best Reader in his class, and he was so delighted.  I loved the look of sheer surprise when his teacher said his name in front of everyone.  He hopped up on the stage in the cafeteria and held that certificate right at chin level through the rest of her presentations.  As he took his seat on the floor with is friends, he did the arm pull and "Yes!"  His good friend James won an award, too.

Probably the hardest thing for Macauley is leaving his favorite teacher, Ms. Jennifer Craig, who he also had for 2nd grade.  He enjoyed her so much.  He also connected with the class para, Mrs. Tappmeyer, whose son I had in class at Kickapoo a few years ago.  We gave them some cute parting gifts we found on Pinterest.  I hope they know how much we appreciate them taking care of our little boy day in and day out.  Macauley has been friends with little Carolyn since kindergarten, I think.  He is protective of her and I think he is her safe place.

I didn't get to be at the school on the actual last day when kids in all the other grades lined the halls, per tradition, and "clapped out" the departing fourth graders as they left their school for the last time.  Macauley admitted his eyes welled up a bit to be leaving this place he has come to know and love and feel comfortable in.  I am certain I would have bawled like a baby myself.  On to new things...but first:  a summer we hope is slow and lazy and easy.  So far so good...

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