19 May 2015

Outta here

Tomorrow is the last day of school (it's been a good year for me--my eleventh!--and my classroom is packed, grades are posted, and I'm just tapping my foot for that final bell) then it's summer...And it's going to be an exciting one. Macauley and I are going on a trip to Europe with a small group from Kickapoo (all girls!) and we leave in just 11 days!  We've been shopping and reading and making lists and pinching ourselves.  I've been to Europe once, back in 2001, before I knew I would have a son.  What a lucky boy he will be to have seen some of the most iconic and beautiful sites this world has to offer before he even reaches 7th grade.  

We're also thinking of doing a family road trip just the three of us when we get back, maybe to FRASER, Colorado via Denver and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  So instead of making my usual mental to-do list filled with all the things I want to accomplish while I'm HOME for the summer, I'm approaching this break with the idea that I'll probably get nothing done task-wise but I'll see and DO so much. Life-wise. 

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