22 October 2009

Let the wild rumpus start

Last Saturday we went on a family movie date to see Where the Wild Things Are at the theatre in downtown Springfield. We have of course read the book many times, and I think we all enjoyed what Spike Jonze did to turn those 10 sentences into a really meaningful movie loaded with all sorts of truth about the imaginative nature of childhood and the loneliness that can accompany it...and just how hard and how wonderful it can be to be a family. Macauley got really emotional when Max left his monster friends to go back home. I love that he is sensitive like that. He crawled onto my lap and we both let the tears just drop.

We parked in a parking garage, on the very top level even though there were few cars on any of the levels, because Macauley gets a kick out of stuff like that. I also love how little things can really make him happy and excited. We were told by a scary, scratched up man standing nearby that the elevator was broken (he had a huge cut alll the way across his forehead and down one cheek and several crusty scrapes all along his neck--not sure what his story was but he was just standing up there) so we had to hoof it all the way down and back up. Macauley liked looking out on the "view" of our little city.
I don't know what he was thinking looking out and down at the world around us. I hope he wasn't thinking about getting away like Max was in the movie. I know someday he'll take off and I won't know where he is all the time, and I hope with all my heart that he will be happy and know what to do to stay safe..from monsters or scratched up men in parking garages or loneliness... But not yet.
"Please don't go. I'll eat you up. I love you so."
~ Maurice Sendak

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MickeyMFan said...

Cute blog! I have heard mixed reviews about that movie, so I wasn't sure I wanted to see it. Where the Wild Things Are is one of my all time favorite children's books, and I didn't know just how Spike interpreted the story. It does look really artsy, so I may have to give it a try.


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