19 October 2009

Welcome fall

I'm loving the oranges and golds that greet us when we pull up to the house. I wish we had a tree or two out front, even if that would mean having leaves to rake. We do have walnuts, though, several of them, rolling over from Megan's house next door.

A deep freeze set in Saturday night, so these begonias were no more as of Sunday.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Your place looks so cute dressed up for the holidays!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Everthing on your porch looks wonderful, Love your house, and oh, that black frame on your door is such a cool touch! Very creative!

Linda Gilliam said...

Hayley, this is Linda Gilliam, Ryan Shuck's mom, I found your blog by accident..I cannot believe it, I really LOVE it!
I used to do flea market booths all the time, my parents were antique dealers for years in California, hey I am looking for any ephemera you might run across for card making...old ledgers, books, sheet music...let me know if you have anything like that or come across some please? I love to flea market..my fav thing besides card making and scrapbooking! Gosh, I cannot believe this, I was looking for UFL information about the orbs around Marshfield, Mo. and got your blog instead, it must be fate...LOL!


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