22 January 2010


I guess it was July of 2008 when I took this picture, the day we first put our little French Country cottage on the market in hopes of buying our current home. It's been a long, long, difficult road with many twists and turns (including a 6 month lease to buy contract that fell through and a flooding of the house by City Utilities among others), but we finally closed on the house today and that chapter of our lives has concluded. The new owners seem excited to love it the way we did and even though the market just squished us, we're happy to be moving on. I think we might go out for dinner tonight to celebrate! Best wishes, little cottage...You're a sweet one.


Christy said...

Congratulations on closing on your house. I feel like I have walked the journey with you since that is when we first met. We are still on our journey to sell our house but I am optimistic. I am happy for you all!

Holly said...

What a precoius little place! I'm sure the new owners are just delighted with it, just as you were! Congratulations!


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