28 January 2010

Treasure trove

I went to Billings on MLK Day on my way to meet my mom and get Macauley back. As usual, I was not disappointed by the chippy goodness to be found at excellent prices. I didn't buy everything I saw, but I liked so many things, including this cubby. I did buy the rolling pin with the black handles...I've been needing one.

A cool black railroad cart...and several chippy white medicine cabinets I could have added to my collection...
I'm mulling over a big redo of my laundry room, so I went ahead and got this cool old wringer to hang on the wall. The other side actually has more writing and I will definitely face it out when I put it up.

This little cabinet could factor into the redo as well if it's still there when I figure it all out.

I'm in love with the top of this old possum belly cabinet. The dealer had it priced at $550. I somehow doubt he/she would split the set and just sell me the top.

I also fell in love with this little puppy who was working with her owner at the store. How could you not? She's a "silky," which I think her owner said is a yorkie and something Australian mix? Eight months old, so little and so adorable...

I should have bought this old cash drawer for $5. If I see it again I will.

I went looking for a pine door to use as a countertop in this still evolving laundry room idea, and I found not one but two. I bought the smaller one to use for that purpose, and I had to get the big one because I just loved it and don't see many like that. Wouldn't it make a great king size headboard if I ever get a king size bed? I need to go back and pick them up in Ryan's truck.

I thought this little chippy pink bench would make a good coffee table for my shabby chic friend Shannon...

I bought this great tin piece (only $24!) to use as a backsplash in the laundry room.

I've always wanted one of these coops...I think that's a good one and so "in" with the galvanized trend these days. Someone needs to snap up this cool wooden box, too, for only $25.

I did a drive by on the way down at a junky place in Marionville I always see from the highway. I don't guess it's an operational business, but I wish it was. Looks like lots of good stuff just rotting away.

Note the "cat crossing" sign...there were several cute kitties running around.
I met my mom at the V.B. Hall Antique Mall in Monett, where we had fun looking but didn't really find anything. I did come home with some good stuff, though, and I always enjoy shopping in itty bitty Billings, Mo.

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