28 January 2010

And to fund my habit...

I did a major clean out of nooks and crannies around my house last weekend and took a bunch of really good stuff to my sad little booth at the flea market. These are mostly things I like but that never really found a home at my house.

I made the little pinboard from a thrift store frame and a sweet postcard. I also raided my fabric stash in the craft room and got rid of some pretty pieces that weren't ever going to materialize into anything around here.

So I figured I would usher out some items to make room for the new goodies I might find this weekend at the Greater Springfield Garage Sale & Marketplace at the fairgrounds E-plex. That is, if I make it. We're bracing for a major winter storm to roll in late tonight, which means tomorrow will probably be a snowday (hooray) but would also mean my mom and dad can't come up for the sale (boohoo). We'll see how it all pans out. Regardless, it was nice to do some purging. I feel lighter. And my little booth is more happy than sad now.


julie & joe said...

I love the black toile fabric you have in your booth.

Linda Gilliam said...

Haley, where is your flea market booth located, I would love to go and browse it!

Hayley said...

Hi Linda! My booth is #222 at STD Central. I'm planning to take another batch of stuff over this Thursday afternoon.


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