03 February 2010

Snow what

We didn't get our snow in time to have a snow day on Friday (although we did get out of school two hours early that day), but we got enough for the boys to go sledding on Saturday afternoon. We all bundled up and headed just one street over to the very popular hill at Macauley's school.

From our front porch, we can hear people sledding on this hill at all hours of the day and night when we get a good snow. There were lots of families and people of all ages there Saturday, but I still let Booker T. off his leash to chase after sledders and run circles in the snow.

The boys made several treks up and down the hill, but I made only one. As Macauley and I trudged up the hill for our first run, I saw a kid, probably a fourth or fifth grader, barreling toward us on his sled. I kept thinking he would turn and miss us, but he didn't. I shoved Macauley to the side out of harm's way as the kid and his sled crashed into my shins, knocking me completely off my feet and over him then to the ground. Knowing there were probably a hundred people at the top of the hill thinking they'd just seen the most hilarious thing (seeing people trip and/or fall is almost always extremely comical, no?), I just had to brush it off and laugh. But that was my last run.

Booker is such a baby about rain and will hardly go out in it, but snow seems to make him come alive. He ran at top speed and rolled around in the snow, and I know he was so happy to get out of the house and stretch his legs after being cooped up in the cold for what feels like forever. Today the snow is melting and I'm ready for it to be gone. Did that groundhog see his shadow? I'm ready for spring...

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Karee said...

I bet Macauley had fun sledding. Sorry to hear that your one and only trek ended painfully. It reminds me of a time when I went sledding, but I had started out on the sled. We went off a ramp not even halfway down the slope and I flew off. I ended up going down the rest of the hill underneath the sled with a friend on top. She thought that I was a goner.


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