24 February 2010

Newspaper tour

The house from my point of view today...we'll see how it shows up in the paper. It kind of feels like baring my soul to the world...or at least the people of Springfield; people I know and people I don't will see how we live, what I love. Makes my heart skip a little. I have no idea what I said in the "interview," which is even more unsettling to me, being such a word person myself. I know people will just skim the story and look at the pictures, so I suppose that's not a big deal. The spread will run in the Springfield News-Leader on Sunday, 7 March.


Polly said...

What a wonderful tour of your home Hayley! I love your style! You have some great treasures throughout your home! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure the newspaper article will be wonderful!


Karee said...

WOW!! All of the pictures look so good! I love EVERYTHING!!! The white flowers, the kitchen table set with the sheets of music in those spiral springs, the clock plates, and the 3's! I love all the black and white with the silver! It all looks so good! Your powder room turned out GREAT!! All your hard work and planning did not go to waste. I cannot wait to see what it looks like in the paper. I am so excited; I wish that Sunday was not so far away. I am definitely not going to just skim over the page. I will see you tomorrow!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hayley, everything looks so gorgeous, can't wait for the article. Your photos are great, and your home is lovely. Great job!

Myrna said...

Oh my! Your house is beautiful!!
Love all the unique and original details in your decor. I'm gonna pull my dominos outta the box right now an plunk 'em in a cute bowl on the table!! ;-)
Enjoy your time with the paper..I had one done at Christmas. People are gonna LOVE your house!!

Katiedog said...

I knew this would be "over the top" fabulous. The bathroom mirrors were a great last touch...all of it. Can't wait to talk to you...and to see the spread in the paper. How could it not be wonderful? I'm afraid there'll be a rush on shabby chic bargains after the masses see your decorating genius! XX00

MickeyMFan said...

Love it, love it, love it! I've already told my mom to save her newspaper for me. :) Can't wait to see it!


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