14 February 2010

Give a little love

I participated in my first swap ever, the Amour swap hosted by Cathy Scalise of Treasured Heirlooms. We were to alter a heartshaped box to fit our partner and fill it with goodies. My partner was Nicole Gibson-Rice of Gibby's Girl. I scoured her blog to see what I could see about her and discovered that she likes mermaids. So I covered my heart box with book pages (I think I'm getting to be a one trick pony with the book pages--it's my go to look), then I attached a cast iron mermaid and surrounded her with rolled pages and gauzy ribbon. I attached a heart earring to her wrist (it reminded me of an anchor) and printed out some lines about an enchanting mermaid from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream then glittered at will.

Nicole claims an obsession bordering on hoarding with old lace, so I sent her a few batches to add to her stash. She also collects miscellaneous floral dishes, so I sent her the creamer with romantic little roses on it. I found some pink and white vintage notions at the flea market and a couple of sweet linens.

I wrapped some of the gifts in sheet music, one of which was a big pack of Twizzlers black licorice, Nicole's favorite candy.

Nicole has two kitties, so I sent them some treats, too. I probably went overboard on the candy, but it's hard to resist those aisles in the store with all sorts of colorful confections.

I had a great time putting together a package for a new friend...just wait until you see what she sent me!


Lisa said...

Oh what super fun goodies you gave! How fun you wrapped them all up!
This has been so much fun!

Jayme said...

Wow - everything you sent was amazing! I love the box you made, especially the mermaid. Hope you enjoyed the swap as much as I did. It was fun to visit new blogs. Happy Valentine's Day!


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