04 February 2010

Winter nest

Yucky weather here again today. We're busy though and headed back out in a bit for swimming lessons. I've been nesting and purging around my house and everything feels a little plain right now. I guess that's what happens after Christmas.

I got this cabinet door for $5 in Billings. It needs something else with it, but it hasn't come to me yet. I need to clear the clutter and then I can think. We are headed to visit Lane and Derek in Kansas City this weekend, and I'm planning to finally make it to Curious Sofa, very near where they live. This weekend is the Valentine Art Show. Maybe I'll find just what I need to get inspired...

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Debra@Common Ground said...

Hayley I was at your space Saturday afternoon and bought a few things from you. Wish I'd been there sooner, because I see a few posts down, some material that I bought from a space at Spring Creek. Wish I'd had first shot. Ha ha! We all buy from each other. I went ga ga over that piece of washed out floral in cream and pink!
The snow hill looked fun, hope you didn't get hurt too bad!
I'm getting a bigger booth at Spring Creek in a few weeks, watch for posts about the change over.
take care,


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