15 February 2010

Curiosity quenched

I read the Curious Sofa blog and have always wanted to see the place for myself. Now that my sister lives in KC, not 10 minutes from the store, I plan to visit often. Ryan took me by last weekend for the first time and I was not disappointed. Such a cute little area and a fabulous shop. I could tell that Deb Dusenberry was in the back in her office with her little dog and I warned Ryan that if she came out I might get brave enough to ask her if I could take a photo with her or of some of the inside of the store for my blog, but I probably would have chickened out.

Last weekend was the store's annual Valentine Art Show, and there were so many lovely things to see, including paper crafts, silouhettes, found object jewelry and handmade scarves, in addition to the store's regular merchandise. I bought this handcrafted bird box and I love all the special details. I'll keep it out in my office all year.

The store had several pretty mercury glass votives and I chose one. I also got this word bird.

These little stockings with the chalkboard cuffs were in the sale section in the back. They will be perfect for my Booker T. and the three cats next Christmas.

The itty bitty birdcage is a gift for friend with a birthday coming up. So tiny and so adorable.

Ryan waited in the checkout line with my purchases while I took a fourth and fifth browse of the shop. I heard a big whoop of laughter from that direction at one point and later Ryan told me that all the women in line were asking him about what he was buying and what he was going to do with it all and he finally said, "I really have no idea. I'm just buying this stuff for my wife." One of the women said, "Oooh! I want one of him!" and the man working at the counter said, "Sorry, we don't sell those here." Everyone laughed. Aren't I lucky to have a boy who will patiently canvas the store with me several times, tell me to buy whatever I want because we're "on vacation" (any time we go out of town anywhere he says that) and then wait in line to pay for my treasures? I really tested him later, though, when we found the 50,000+ square feet Mission Road Antique Mall nearby. What a labyrinth. I powershopped the place out of mercy for my sweet husband with the hopes of going back again soon for a closer look.

Back home, I totally copied off of a display at Curious Sofa and placed my little word bird and votive inside one of my birdcages with some book page strips.

I've read that Debbie is planning a big redo of the store, and while I love, love, loved it just the way it is, I'm excited to go back and see what she changes. Such style. Charm. Reasonable prices. Lots of inspiration. A curious place for sure.


Karee said...

It sounds like you have such fun wondering around grazing all of the items in the store. Where do you find all of these stores? And where do you get your cute and creative ideas of how to decorate with the things that you get? I don't have a house of my own, but it looks like so much fun!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Love all your goodies from the Sofa. I'd love to go. Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Sounds like you had a great time. One day I really want to visit her store. You should have asked to take a pic, she's such a sweetie! I'm hoping she'll make it to my blog party again this year. Have a great week, Theresa


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