13 February 2010

Love fest

I got to stop by the Valentine's party in Macauley's first grade classroom yesterday and finally got to meet Katie, the new love interest in Macauley's life. She was cute and friendly and clearly smitten with my son. Also quite a bit taller than him, too.

We spent one night this week puting together treats for everyone and made quick work of constructing a box for Macauley to take to the party.

The kids spent most of the party immersed in crafts and all manner of glitter, glue and foam shapes.

The box was just a photo storage box with a hinged lid. We put Macauley in the nameplate, covered it with XO stickers and hotglued a little stuffed love devil on top. Done.

Macauley gave Katie a little love pup. She got it out of her bag and brought it over to show me as soon as I arrived and kept making it kiss the little devil on Macauley's box.

Also a key figure in most of Macauley's stories these days is Kalin, the BFF of the moment. Macauley, clearly and successfully brainwashed by his mother, recently "had a talk" with him about how he doesn't need to be killing squirrels and other animals with his gun. Kalin says "God gave us animals to kill." Already with the scruples and it's only first grade.

The party menu consisted not of hunted squirrel but of cheese pizza and sprinkled Krispy Kremes, which his teacher interestingly presented as "DUHnuts." The kids also played a game with the objective of matching their half of a broken heart to its match, and in a stroke of kismet, Macauley's half matched Katie's. They were both elated and raced to claim their prize.

I'm so glad my little lovebug invited me to his party and let me hunker down in a tiny chair by his desk with him and finish off his picked at duhnut.

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