21 February 2010

Finding inspiration

My friend Barb and I had a really great time shopping in Ozark yesterday. We had lunch at the tearoom, which never disappoints, and then we did Spring Creek and Riverview. We pulled up to Leola's just as they were closing at 5, so we'll have to try that one again soon. I got this chick feeder for $1.50 and the book for $2. The mirror and crocheted runner were a bit more, but not much. I think the little pink drawer will look cute at Easter with some flower spilling over the top, and the two light fixtures can be candleholders or something else.

The small advertising trays (not old but not all that new, I don't think) caught my eye because they are my favorite black and white, but I had to get the one for Kickapoo Indian Salve because the school where I teach, Kickapoo High, home of the Chiefs, is named after the tribe, too.

I don't kno what I'll do with the delicate little wire basket, but the gloves will join another small pair I have upstairs. The planters were a great set, and I can think of a number of places they could live in my house. I'd like to see some ivy in them, but I just do not have luck with houseplants and I don't care for fake greenery anymore like I used to.

The birdcage was cheap, and looks a lot better after I slid the mustard yellow tray out of the bottom and removed the matching plastic food holders on either end.

This silver platter is enormous, and I was charmed by the Missouri State Fair engraving in the middle. I don't know where it will end up yet, either, but it spoke to me.

I had been thinking a little silver teapot lamp would look cute on my kitchen counter so I got this one, but once I put in place in the kitchen, I'm not sure it's the right one. I'll keep moving it around to see if it settles somewhere. The little black train case will go in the guest room.

Barb spotted this silver box and said I had to get it because, as you can barely see, it is engraved with the name and crest of my college sorority, Pi Beta Phi. I found several ironstone pieces at great prices, too.

The glitter, music book and silverware were things I found at STD when I went by to straighten my booth and pick up check last week. I made almost $300 on my dinky little booth this month, which is what gave me license to shop so much with Barb yesterday (as if I really need license, but you know what I mean). I wanted some more tarnished and rusty silver to fill in several of my spooners and to set my kitchen table with for the newspaper shoot, and I was happy to find two big Ziploc bags full of all sorts of mismatched pieces. Just what I was looking for.

It's a rainy afternoon here in Missouri, and I'm puttering around the house tucking these new finds here and there and trying to get inspired...

I have looked several places for the new Flea Market Style magazine but have yet to find it. Maybe it hasn't reached my part of the world yet. But I just know that would give me the inspiration I need.


Polly said...

Great finds! I LOVE the planters!!


(un)Deniably Domestic said...

Hayley - If nothing else it certainly looks like a productive day. I love the teapot lamp and adore the trays. The birdcage I am actually very familiar with as I had that very cage when I was a kid. I had a blue parakeet name Adjiduamo. No kidding! The cage was thrown, bird and all, from its shelf by an earthquake on my 17th birthday. So long ago. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! You found loves of lovely little treasures. Sounds like the perfect day. Many blessings, Tammy

Christy said...

Hello Hayley I tried to email you and it was returned. Just wanted you to know I found the Flea Market Style Mag. at CVS on glenstone where the old Osco used to be. Also I am really excited that your home will be in the Newsleader! Email me when you get a chance, we still need to get together!

Nicole Gibson-Rice said...

Hi Miss Hayley!

OMG your home is gorgeous! That is so exciting that it's going to be in the newspaper. I hope that school is going well and you guys have thawed out. Spring is in full force here (Phoenix, AZ) and I dread the arrival of summer.

Take care!


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