03 March 2010

Celebrity status

We've been getting calls and emails that the story on our house is already running in the online version of our paper. Ryan couldn't make it home for the "homeowners" photo, but our neighbor's cat sure did. We have a similar looking cat, so we're just passing her off as our Maya Angelou because she managed to make her way into a number of the shots. The story is nice. The reporter accidentally put that our son's name is Ryan, not Macauley, and there is a mention of putting in a large gas grill or having a large gas grill that isn't true and we didn't discuss, but she captured my love of vintage and all things black and cream. If you'd like to have a look, I think you can go to http://www.news-leader.com/section/LIFE05 or just Google the Springfield (Missouri) News-Leader and go to the Spaces section.


Debra@Common Ground said...

Haley, It's absolutely gorgeous. All the photos really capture you and your passion. The bath with the book pages looks fabulous. Too bad that Ryan looks so young, ha ha. I'm sure he'll take some ribbing for that. Love the kitty on parade, what a cutie.
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Karee said...

This is so exciting! I read the article and looked through all the pictures and then called my family in to show them that my teacher, her son, her house, and their cat were in the Newspaper! They all thought that it was so cool!Everything looked great! I did find it funny that they called Macauley Ryan, but I am sure he is happy that he is going to be in the Sunday Newspaper.


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