15 March 2010

So spontaneous

Next week is Spring Break, and we'd talked about going somewhere forever but hadn't settled on anything. Macauley has been invited on a trip with Uncle Rob and Aunt Lauren and various nieces and nephews to St. Louis and Branson. Today Ryan and I decided, mostly on a whim, to book our own getaway for the time he's gone...to Vegas! We'll only be gone a couple of days, but when you've been there several times before and know what you want to do (and eat and buy and not do), that's plenty. We'll be staying at the Vdara, part of the newly opened City Center, an architectural masterpiece by most accounts. So modern. So chic. So just the two of us.

1 comment:

Karee said...

I am glad that you two decided to go on a getaway to Las Vegas. You deserve a break and it will be fun for the two of you. Enjoy yourselves!


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