17 March 2010

Write on

Every evening, I root through Macauley's backpack to see what he's brought home from another exciting day of first grade. Three nights a week there's a blue folder with homework inside (spelling words, vocab words, sight words, math and 15 minutes of reading). Yesterday he brought home his packet of spring school pictures, which I like better than the ones from the fall. Most every time I reach inside the bag I pull out all miscellany of photocopied coloring pages and worksheets he's worked on that day. I think I kept absolutely everything from kindergarten, but I'm being more selective in what I file away this year. Some keepers lately:

The squiggly lines are to be read as static. I just laughed and laughed when Macauley read this out loud to me.

Several members of our family (Nana and Papa in particular) find Macauley's lifelong fascination with laundry (one that has recently shot over the top after our purchase of a new front-load washer and dryer) adorable, but I can't tell you how exhausting it is for me. Almost every day when we get home from a long day at school, the first thing Macauley asks is if we can do some laundry. I don't always feel like doing laundry when I walk in the door. Sometimes, when I'm dozing on the couch during Oprah, I hear the washer filling with water and know he's taken it upon himself to start a load. Sometimes a full load and other times just one piece, like the eensy weensy Teeny Beanie Baby he'd won from the treasure chest at school that he ran through a full cycle entirely by itself. I'm sure our utility bill will reflect this zealousness.

Another gem--the when I grow up I want to work at Wal-mart drawing and reflection piece. Ryan and I both worked at a grocery store through college and really enjoyed being checkers, so perhaps he will follow in our footsteps (in his red and silver Nikes, as shown) and be a "cashear."

Dream big, my little love. And keep writing...


Aunt Karen said...

Oh...I love this post. I can see you and your sisters...all the cousins and my boys in his sweet face. Cherish these days, you'll want pieces of them back someday. Hug him for me and tell him that Aunt Karen loves him!

Attic Rat said...

When my youngest was 3, he was already able to properly sort his laundry. He's 20 and he still enjoys doing laundry. Go figure!

Happy Hunting,

Karee said...

I love the note with the static it is so creative and cute! He definitely got your creative genes as well as your love of writing!

T's Daily Treasures said...

So very sweet! I love it when the kids are little and their writings are so innocent. How funny that he has a fascination with laundry. Maybe he should work in a drycleaners. HA! Have a great day! ;) Tammy

MickeyMFan said...

I love it! Maybe he can work with my mom at Walmart--I'm sure she'll still be working there when he gets old enough to be a "cashear". I love that too! That's what the money-counters at Disney World should be called. :)


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