07 March 2010

Baby, baby {baby}

I drove to Rolla yesterday for the baby shower honoring one of my all-time BFFs Keely and her husband Josh, who wil be leaving in just under two weeks to pick up their new little boy from Ethiopia. I also got a chance to reunite with Keely's childhood friend Kristie, who Keely and Alicia and I traveled through London and Paris with in 2001.

Keely and Josh and Gabriel Thomas Scott were showered with many fabulous gifts and a whole lot of love. I went for a giraffe-themed basket of the essentials: comfy loungewear, good books, yummy soap, a furry friend, a soft blanket and a caboodle of diapers.

I also got a chance to stop by the home of another of my BFFs from Drury, Julie Jones, to meet her twin boys, born at the end of January. Adorable. I held little John because he was awake and let Max sleep until next time.

The boys needed a gift, too, so I played off the "Mama" book and went with teddy bears. That's a really sweet book about a mama and child going everywhere together and never letting go.

The twins aren't identical, but just in case they need some distinguishable factor with their matching outfits, I thought they could each wear a different pair of socks. I could have sat in Julie's living room for two days and talked with her; same with Keely. I know they're both going to be the best moms ever, and I hope I get to see them--and their little ones--again soon.


trash talk said...

Y'all look so much alike, you could pass as sisters...or at least cousins! Love the book.

Karee said...

So cute! I miss having a little baby in the house! I bet you do too!

Julie said...

It was so good seeing you. I would love it you came back for another visit so we could sit and talk all night and day.


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