05 November 2010

Another fall Friday

It's chilly here today, so chilly that I couldn't even manage to stay outside long enough to hang the adorable new thermometer I bought at Leola's Holiday Open House last night. Barb and Macauley and I drove over to the event and the place was so full of people I'm sure I missed seeing everything. But I did get another clock face, an F and these little stamped tags I'll use on some of my Christmas gifts this year.

We are out of school today and just being around the house this morning feels luxurious. Macauley has a play date this afternoon and I'm having lunch with Lindsay then going to treat myself to a mani/pedi, I think. Being at Leola's also put me in the mood to flea market or decorate for Christmas or maybe just be creative and do some scrapbooking. I love long weekends.


Susan S. said...

Oh he's CUTE! Love his sweet little smiling face. We are having beautiful weather in Houston...high 60's, blue skies....perfect. But it's Houston and everything changes fast. Last week we made it to the 90's! :)

maryboys said...

lucky girl - that thermometer is nothing short of fabulous:) love it!


Debra@Common Ground said...

Hayley, I got there at 5:00, and it was soooo packed you could hardly move. Had to go around 3 times to see it all. Love the great moon man. too cute!


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