22 November 2010

Oh yes I did

Despite all sorts of commentaries in the local paper and on the radio about how decorating for Christmas early totally discounts Thanksgiving, I forged ahead and put up most of my things this past weekend. We are having guests for dinner tomorrow night and I was ready for some sparkle. And I promise I will still enjoy and appreciate Thanksgiving to the fullest. Really. Last week I had somewhere to be every night after school and I worked on cleaning out drawers and scooting stuff around in the house all weekend. Today I spent almost 2 hours grocery shopping for the events we've got going on this week and headed for the doors only to find a major monsoon had swept in while I rolled my cart around all that time. I was stranded for a bit, but finally made a run for it knowing I had lots to do before neighborhood bunco across the street tonight. I've just felt busy, busy for days now. So one thing I will be thankful for come Thursday is a chance to just hang out and slow down. I'm so looking forward to a five day break from work and hope to read and craft and watch TV and sleep in...

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Debra@Common Ground said...

I've tried to find the balance and still have some Thanksgiving. There just isn't enough time to enjoy Christmas if you wait till after Thanksgiving to get all the goodies out. I'm looking forward to seeing your home decorated. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Hayley!!


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