07 April 2011

Getting my goat(s)

Been thinking a lot about animals lately...what their lives are like, what part I want them to play (or not play rather) in my everyday diet, but this post is more about my complete and utter pipe dream of raising a couple of little goats in my backyard. Let's just ignore for a moment the fact that although I eat up the stories about Brownie and friends at Over Good Ground, I know absolutely nothing about raising farm animals. I'm also pretty sure my dream wouldn't fly with the rather rigid HOA in my subdivision. But how adorable would it be to have a little boy and girl, maybe Pygmies or Nigerian Dwarfs, and name them Romeo and Juliet and let them live happily ever after being spoiled rotten by my family and me? Very adorable, that's how.


The Cranky Queen said...

I know exactly what you mean about the little baby pigmy goats. Adorable and yes, the HOA would freak in my neighborhood too...but, I have a new client that is building a farm house in the country and I have been chosen to be her decorator. YEAH for me! She has all types of animals, including dwarf pigmy goats and she has given me one to keep at her farm...I have named her Petunia...she looks identical to the little cream goat with the pink nose that you have pictured. Your post made me smile...
Remember my giveaway ends Sunday over at The Cranky Queen...tiff

ANGIE said...

Hi there! I was blog hopping and somehow got here. I really love your posts, and the goats are sooo cute! My sis has two of them but I didn't see them as babies like this.

Love your photos of the shops too.


Malau said...

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