01 April 2011

Karma chameleon

So glad it's the weekend and that my youngest sister is here with us. Lane, Macauley and I went for a long walk on the greenway trail after work this afternoon and then went straight to dinner at Prima's and to the dollar movies in our sweats. Tangled was quite an adorable movie, much better than I was expecting, and Macauley fell hard for the charming little chameleon always looking out for the princess. When the king, queen and their palace sent up the floating lanterns to call their lost daughter home, Macauley reached over and took my hand, held it on his lap, then asked me in a whisper if he could sleep in my room tonight. I whispered back yes.


Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...


I haven't seen the movie yet but your review makes me want to.

Karee said...

Mcauley is adorable! I loved Tangled, I think that Rapunzel is my Disney princess twin. Ps did you get a little teary-eyed during the lantern scene?


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