30 March 2011

Busy bunny

This afternoon, I nestled these sweet little bunnies (found at Feathered Nest in Crown Center on our KC trip) on the huge ironstone platter my sisters gave me for my birthday last August. I've been running without rest at school this week after a leisurely spring break, coming up with new ideas to teach one of my all-time favorites, To Kill a Mockingbird, and lots of other little bits and pieces I've had to work on and track down. Our evenings have been busy, too, and despite being rather exhausted I've slept restlessly the last few nights. So I'm a little worn down and my mind is off in all sorts of directions, but I've been trying to hop around and get things done around the house. I came home today, put on my sweats and tennis shoes, and dug into the laundry piles, school paper piles, purchase piles, etc. scattered throughout the place. Made it about halfway through all I wanted/needed to do then had to work on more school stuff.

The bunnies reminded me of my little family...and I love their sweet little expressions. We're going to say I'm the little "mama bunny" on the left, even though with all I ate on spring break (and before and after, who am I kidding?) I'm more like the "fluffier" one on the right.

I got the big baskets at another super fabulous stop on our trip that I still need to blog about, and I had picked up the chalkboard crates at the Maxx the week before. I had a piece of linen just kind of tacked up over the opening of my dining room hutch, but I pulled it off today and stashed all the contents, mostly table linens organized by holidays/seasons, in these containers.

I wanted to get the house spruced up and ready because my sister Lane will be here tomorrow! She's coming into town to work on hiring for the new Francesca's opening in our mall later this spring and gets to stay through Sunday. I'm not sure just how we'll spend our time, but we always find lots to talk and laugh about and I'm looking forward to having her here...


Debra@Common Ground said...

at first glance, they looked sooo real! They are precious, and I love the "party of three". Enjoy your sis while she's here!

The Cranky Queen said...

Great bunnies...Great dining room. Love the table decor! Tiff

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Why is it that shabby chic looks so ELEGANT in your place and just "so are you going to paint this table or what?" in mine?


farmlady said...

I came to look at your blog from your comment. I will follow you from now on because I love the photos, what you have to say about being more of a "fluffy" bunny and your sisters.
Those bunnies are wonderful.

Christy said...

Cute bunnies, I thought the bunnies were real too! Since the move I cant find my easter decor, I think it is buried in the attic somewhere, oh well I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby and look around. Love your dining room!


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