15 March 2011

Thinking green

I don't know if it's the impending holiday or my new neighbor's landscaper working next door this afternoon, but my thoughts have turned to what sorts of shrubbery I want to add to my porches once it warms up. I've been thinking about doing some containers flanking my front door, with a boxwood or something simple rather than the miscellaneous pots I usually spread around. I like the size and shapes of the bushes above, but maybe in something more like the Smith & Hawken planters below.

Looks like my neighbor has the same idea...hope she doesn't think I'm a copycat. Looks like she's going more spiral, and I think I like the round or "teardrop" shaped boxwoods.

I'd like to do some succulents out back...the hen and chicks remind me of my Nanny and Papaw's house, and I have a few that I took from there a long time ago that I think are still hanging in there in a pot on my side porch. We're supposed to reach 70+ degrees tomorrow, so maybe I'll start by trimming the dead branches from what I've already got and see what green I've got left to work with after such a cold and snowy winter. Or is it too early to do that?


trash talk said...

I need to be doing the same thing. Sadly the only dirt I'm getting to play in is on the furniture we're loading!
I vote for the globe shape in the urns you selected. I think they would look gorgeous.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Succelents are much needed in this desert country that I reside. Although we had a mild winter, the plants on my balcony have not fared well. Last year, I had pretty red tomatoes and this year tomato plants flowered but then were overtaken with some white fungus. I hope to get to a plant souk this weekend in order to bring some life to our outdoor spaces. Happy planting! :) Tammy


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