05 March 2011

Following signs

I'd love to win the giveaway at My Sweet Savannah for one of these enamel signs from Ramsign. I'd probably go for my favorite number 3, but I also like the address plates and the ones that include family names. Black and white for sure.

I love reading other people's blogs, and I check in on the ones in my sidebar daily, but I don't "follow" any of them. I guess I don't really know what that means? I leave comments here and there, but often I don't. Lots of blogs I read get tons of comments per post. I keep my own blog mostly for myself, but I'm so flattered that a few people follow my itty bitty blog and love getting the few comments that I do. I wonder if I'm being rude by not signing on to follow my followers' blogs or all the others I read? I'd love to know more about this...can anyone give me some signs to follow?


Heidi said...

hey Hayley~ I have been reading some of your older posts. I loved the one about your sisters. I am the eldest of 3 sisters as well. My parents married young (19) and had me right away, so they were always the young parents too. I have been known to be moody and over-protective towards my sisters. LOL. I have 3 children of my own, one boy and 2 girls ~ I was very happy to have my second daughter, knowing the girls would at least have one sister, because I couldn't imagine growing up without a sister!

bj said...

I think you should do just what you want to do on your blog.
I try to follow anyone that follows me but it surely isn't required. I seldom read blogs without at least leaving a HELLO. They worked hard to post so, if I am already there, I do leave a comment.
Again, whatever you want to do regarding your blog is perfectly ok...I haven't seen any big bad rules of blogging yet...I know, just as anywhere, kindness is the key.:))
hugs, bj


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