09 March 2011

My kinda junk, too

My mom and I had the best luck on our junking outing a couple of weekends ago in and around Rogers. We started at a place between Rogers and Lowell called Belle's Plantation, where I especially liked one dealer's table full of rusty, industrial junk. I found several things there, including the nightstand, wire urn, large basket and metal flower boxes. The nightstand is now next to Macauley's bed and the flower boxes will hang under my windows on the back patio this spring.

We also went to The Rose, where I found the rusty birdcage (probably headed for my flowerbed out back but I could see lots of ways to use it), the Ranite box and this sweet round metal container, which I think is an old chick carrier.

The flashcards, tiny nests, eggs, printers blocks and Scrabble tiles are from a really fun place called True Treasures in Centerton. I could dig through their bins of letters and bobbles all day, I think. I heard one of the ladies working there saying they were in the middle of a store redo, but things looked pretty cute as is, I thought. They have tons of rusty stuff and furniture and salvage pieces piled up outside the store, but most of the price tags are completely weathered and unreadable, which is disappointing. Otherwise, this is a great shopping stop.

Just days before my trip, I had found a rusty bike wheel in the woods behind my house and dragged it back home, thinking I could make something cool with it or put it in my booth. This one looks cute painted black with fabric flowers clipped to it.

I've seen lots of decorating with book pages, but I hadn't seen a garland quite like this one. I loved these swagged across the corners of a really cute booth and I think I need to make some for my craft room.

There's my trusty junking buddy in the dark sweater, holding another piece of ironstone to add to her new collection. She found two great serving bowls while we were out.

All myfinds are still piled on my dining room table at this point, just waiting for me to get inspired to find homes for them around the house. I loved the squatty shape of this glass measuring cup and bought it despite the fogginess. The man at Belle's suggested CLR, so I soaked it in a tub of that and sure enough it came out crystal clear. But then it fogged back up. Hmmm...I wonder if it's usable with the fog or if there's another solution to clear it up? I'd like to use it, but I suppose I could fill it with old silverware or something instead. We had such a nice time shopping...I'm ready to head back and do it all over again.


Debra@Common Ground said...

Looks like a fun place, and you came home with some super finds. How wonderful to have a shopping weekend with your mom.

Christy said...

What a joy to have your Mom share your love of thrifting. I need to find some new places to hunt. So many vendors dont change out their booths often enough. I enjoyed the garage sale at Relics and Remingtons this past week. I found a few treasures I need to post about. Enjoy reading your blog!

summersundays-jw said...

I love going to True Treasures. I need a day trip -- maybe I'll head to Ark. Jan

{twenty}something said...

Hey -

I loved your book page garland so much that I "Pinned It" in my "future projects" folder on Pinterest and "Stumbled" it on Stumbled Upon!!! Awesome finds you took photos of! Thanks.



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