18 March 2011

A little green in/on the face

We got home from a classmate's Laser Tag birthday party at Incredible Pizza tonight to find not 1 but 2 large piles of cat hack in the guest bedroom (and some unidentifiable piles of something on the bathroom rug). As I got to work with various stain removers and a whole roll of paper towels, Macauley gagged and moaned and ended up puking a forest green liquid all over the carpet in the office, just steps away from the toilet in his bathroom. The cat piles are mostly gone but the green--roughly the same shade as the cupcake frosting stains on his lips and nose when I picked him up from school today--remains...

At least we're now officially on Spring Break. Macauley and I cashed in all our loose change at the big green CoinStar machine after the party ($23.79!) and used our greenbacks (sensing the theme?) to buy some books for our trip to Kansas City. We'll be spending a few days at the Embassy Suites on the Plaza, shopping and doing some kid stuff with our friends the Turners. We hope to see Lane a bit before she leaves on another business trip to Denver, and we'll meet up with my parents who are camping in nearby Lawrence so Macauley can head home with them for a few days.

So I've got piles of laundry and some packing to do--and those stains could probably use another vigorous scrub--but Macauley and I are going to settle in and watch Beezus & Ramona. Macauley saw it in the theatre (and already warned me about a sad pet moment but reminded me that it's just a movie and not real) but I read the books when I was young and want to (avoid chores and) see it for myself.


Victoria said...

Oh my gosh, I had to read this out loud to my husband. As the mom of 3 boys myself, all I can say is 'been there, done that'. So funny, thanks for sharing!!!

Debra@Common Ground said...

ahhhh...cats and kids, ya gotta love 'em. Have a fun week!!


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