12 March 2011


After seeing a darling post by BJ over at Sweet Nothings about a little metal stool she had painted her husband's old football number on, I hopped right up and added some bits around a paper 8 card I had to form my own hubby's number. I would have loved to have known him when we were in high school, when he was playing football. I know he enjoyed it a lot. We figure we must have crossed paths at several track meets over the years without knowing it. I think the 8 is a table marker, maybe from a diner, with the waitress Bettie's name penciled across the top. I don't know...but cute.
The sun is shining and it's beautiful out today (so why do I still feel like snuggling up in my dark bedroom and reading the new People?) but I'd sure like to have a sweet pair of these when early spring showers start popping up. I entered the random number drawing over at Pretties and Posies. She's giving away a pair of these Hunter Wellies from Zappos to celebrate her 500th post. I'm up to over 400 posts, I think...

It took me about 20 tries this morning to get my new contacts in. The right one was no problem but I could not for the life of me get the left one to pop in. I was having trouble even telling if it was inside out or not. I'm going to have to get up 10 minutes earlier before school now, I guess.

Once I had them in, I got to pick up my old friend Alicia for lunch and mani-pedis while she's visiting from Colorado. We didn't get nearly all caught up in just 3 hours together, but there's just nothing like an old friend, is there?

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