08 May 2011

The best day

Ryan was busy with his dad yesterday (you should see the amazing potting bench Michael made for me and delivered!) so Macauley and I headed out for some flower shopping in Nixa. I had seen this place in 417 Magazine and wanted to check it out. They had lots of nice shrubbery and trees, but we really just wanted begonias and other basics for our flowerbeds. The plants were expensive and some seemed kind of rough...I don't know. One girl helping us was friendly but others weren't so much and I just left with an off-vibe, like we weren't entirely welcome even though we spent a fair amount of money there. Macauley, though, couldn't get enough of pulling our cart around and loving on the cute garden kitty he named Sunshine.

Next we stopped at Nixa Hardware, where the marquee announced Chick Day. Macauley and I loved this backyard coop and immediately began formulating our case to persuade Ryan to get us one of these and a handful of the adorable chicks and ducklings on display (which looked way too crammed to be happy and comfortable but what do I know?).

We puttered around the yard for a while when we got home and then sat down on the patio to frozen cheese pizzas. As we chatted, Macauley sighed and said, "We've just had the best day, haven't we?" For sure.

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summersundays-jw said...

Isn't that the best? Jan


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