07 May 2011

First Friday

We hit the pavement downtown last night for First Friday Art Walk, or at least a couple of pieces of it. Macauley was supposed to go to a birthday party but the little birthday girl got sick and the party was cancelled. So while we waited to get in for dinner at Maria's, we walked down to the Kickapoo First 40 Years Exhibit at Obelisk Home, passing a fun mural and a defunct landmark along the way. An eccentric variety of people come out for Art Walk, and Macauley was quite protective of me for some reason, holding my hand everywhere we walked and shifting me from side to side to avoid coming into close proximity with anyone he saw as questionable. Very sweet.

I had been in the Obelisk Home store once before, but this time we got to poke around through the whole building, which has been renovated top to bottom. In love. Ryan's company did a lot of working on the wiring, phones and computer networking. There are lofts we didn't get to see.

We even made it to the rooftop before giving in to our grumbling tummies and heading back toward dinner. Being downtown always makes me think about what it would be like to live there, renovate an awesome building like this one, be "urban" in our little city/big smalltown. I just can't see how this little boy would fit into a life like that...and a life without him would be no life at all...

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